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$250 C.N.A Test Prep Training Classes

100% hands-on C.N.A Test Prep Training Classes. Our courses are only 4 hrs per day Monday through Thursday! If there is a Holiday the class may be only 3 days! That’s right less than week! We have a 98% passing rate on the FL Nurse Aide Exam!

CNA Exam Application

Jacksonville C.N.A Regional Testing Center:  Acumen is now Jacksonville C.N.A Regional Testing Center.

Level 2 Live Scans/Fingerprints

Fingerprints are done Monday – Thursday from 10:00am to 3:30pm. Fingerprints can be done for all types of reasons at Acumen.


The American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) training is for Healthcare Providers only.

$50 Acumen Student 4-Hour Refresher

This 4-hour refresher course is for Acumen students only that have completed their CNA training class at Acumen. 

$85 Non-Acumen Student 4-Hour Refresher

Our 4 hour refresher course is mainly for students that have had some type of medical training or have worked in the medical field

6-Hour Med Tech Training

Acumen has updated our medicine training course from a 4-hour course to a 6-hour course to meet the NEW Florida standards

$50 Med Tech 2-Hour Update / Renewal

$50 Med Tech 2-Hour renewal is extended services intended for those students that have already completed the 6-hour initial

Acumen Group Med Tech Training

Acumen is now offering exclusive Assistance with Self-Administered Medication Training for your employees.

$275 Phlebotomy Technician Training

The Phlebotomy program will prepare graduates to work as an entry-level Phlebotomy Technician in a clinic

$135 Phlebotomy Exam Registration

The National Phlebotomy Certification exam assesses phlebotomist’ knowledge, skills, and abilities

Happy Stories

Jessica Mckay
Jessica Mckay
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I had a CNA class at this location. (Jasmine was my instructor) Everybody was nice,pleasant,patient and great Customer service.I pass my Cna clinical and written on my first try. I highly recommend Acumen.
Patricia Grace Hinson
Patricia Grace Hinson
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I recommend acumen with a full 5 stars! I had my CNA training here and they were wonderful. I learned so much surprisingly quickly and I am 200% confident I can pass my test now!
Jenny Marie
Jenny Marie
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I tell y’all this school is amazing. Everyone is so nice and friendly. A perfect learning environment and hands on. They make it easy for you. Everyone is different and they love different. If your thinking about it. I’ll tell you like my instructor Mr. Rod told me got with your first thought. Thank you acumen!!!! Mr and Mrs Brown y’all are amazing!!! God bless yall.

Acumen CNA Training & Testing

4 day 100% Hands-on C.N.A Training Classes for only $250 and much more to offer!

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Most frequent questions and answers

A 120 hour course is taken at a State Approved school. State Approved means the curriculum is approved by the Dept of Education. That course is required to be 120 hours. Acumen 16 hour Exam Prep service that is designed to help prepare you for you Cna Exam only. Service means Acumen is NOT a traditional school. Acumen has only one GOAL, that’s to get YOU CERTIFIED!

No. You can have a GED or equivalent and still be eligible. If you are 18 or older, you may take the state CNA exam without having either.

Yes. All candidates will have to pass a background check. You can have you live scan conducted at Acumen. The background check cannot begin until your fingerprints are scanned and your photo is taken by L-1 Indentity Solutions Agency. After fingerprints have been scanned, L-1 will send your information to the FL DOH (Florida Department of Health) to determine if you are eligible to test. The fees for the screening are NOT included in your tuition. You must register to have your fingerprints online only: https://www.indentogo.com/

Yes. You must have 12 hours per year of continuing education. In addition to that, you must have worked a minimum of 1 day (for pay) in the capacity of a nursing assistant or its equivalent. http://floridasnursing.gov/renewals/certified-nursing-assistant/

No. The fee for the state exam is not included in the tuition, the fees are separate. However, you can make your state exam payment here at Acumen. You must keep in mind that after you pay the fees for testing those fees are ONLY good for one year, even if you haven’t begun the fingerprinted process yet.

It takes about 30-90 days. To be approved for testing by the Department of Health. You can take your State Exam here at Acumen, we are a Florida APPROVED testing center for CNA’s.


Before you take the FL CNA exam you must undergo a background check. All background checks are conducted by the Florida Board of Nursing.

Here’s a link to schedule your fingerprint appointment: www.Identogo.com

Yes. You must be at least 18 years old (17 with parental permission). There is no maximum age limit. We have had many students who are in their 50s and 60s.

Yes. You may enroll in our class if you have taken the test up to 2 times and failed. If you have taken the exam 3 times and failed to pass either part, you must take a course that consist of 120-hours.

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No. Some colleges accept students on a point system for which your CNA license is counted in points. Some colleges will give you credit for years of service as a certified nursing assistant. However, the most valuable thing about having a CNA license and applying for nursing school is the experience you will acquire that is invaluable as you pursue your nursing degree.


The fee for Florida Clinical Skills Exam only is $120.00

The written exam only is $35.

Combined testing (Clinical and Written) will change to $155.00. FOR MORE INFO LOG ONTO www.prometric.com.

Yes! Each state has a unique certification process. You must contact the Board of Nursing in that state to obtain information regarding their process for transferring your certification. All states will not allow you to transfer your certification.

CNAs with active status in other states can be certified by reciprocity provided that they meet Florida’s background check requirements. Reciprocity candidates are not required to take the Prometric CNA Exam.

Reciprocity applications are available for download on the Board of Nursing website (http://floridasnursing.gov/resources/).

Reciprocity applications are mailed to the Department of Health. There are two addresses shown on the application, a post office box and a physical address. The post office box address is for the application itself; the physical address is for additional supporting documentation.

In most cases, the Board of Nursing will carry out the verification process. In some cases, the CNA will be sent a verification form to submit to the appropriate out-of-state agency.

An out-of-state nursing assistant who is not current will be required to pass the Prometric CNA Exam. The candidate will select pathway ‘E5: Lapsed Nursing Assistant’ when applying to Prometric.

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